Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup


Whether you love or loathe Kim Kardashian there is no denying her makeup is always flawless and on point. Kim has made it very public that her favourite foundation is Makeup Forevers HD foundation which I have also used to create this look.

To give you a little more info on the HD Foundation;Makeup Forever is an American brand and its not readily available to purchase in the UK. There is only one place that I know of where you can get your hands on this which is The Guru Makeup Emporium. (I will post the link below) This also means you have to match yourself up as best as you can which I did by using I wear the shade N155 which I would say is close to Mac Nw30 or Double Wears Ivory Beige.

One thing to note about this foundation is that is has quite a runny wet consistency so I find the best way to apply is with a Buffing Brush so you can really work it into your skin. This is a lovely foundation and has a gorgeous finish but being an oily girl it wouldn’t be my first choice for every day but works really well for nights out and its something I’ll be using on holiday when I want a more glowy finish.

After applying my foundation and primer I used Macs Mineralise Concealer under the eyes and down the centre of the nose in the shade Nw20. This is a really creamy hydrating concealer so it gives a lovely dewy finish.Kim always wears a strong brow so I filled mine in with Mac Spike pencil and a good coat of Mac Brow Gel in Show off to really set them into place.

For eyes it had to be a smokey eye but as it was daytime I have opted for a more natural smokey eye using Sleeks Au Naturel & Storm Palettes along with Rimmels brown kohl liner in the waterline. I curled my lashes with Mac’s eyelash curler  and applied lashings of Chanels Le Volume mascara.

This look is all about a heavy contour so using Macs Give Me Sun Bronzer and an angled brush I sucked in my cheeks to create a solid line as well as applying  bronzer on my forehead close to the hairline. I blended this in with Mac Studio Fix Powder in the shade NC42. To warm up the cheeks I used Mac Blush in peaches which works really well with a tan it gives a lovely terracotta glow.To finish I used Mac Soft & Gentle Highlighter on the tops of the cheeks, down the nose and the cupids bow.

Kim usually wears a pinky nude lip and I happen to know that some of her favourites are Mac’s Angel Lipstick and Nars Turkish Delight Gloss. I have opted for Loreal’s Colour Riche Lipstick in Doutzens nude to complete this look.

For those of you that are a fan of Kim’s look this is really easy to do even if you are new to the whole highlighting/contouring technique. If your wanting to purchase the HD Foundation here is the link as promised:



Clinique Stay Matte Foundation Review


Top- 14 Vanilla Bottom-9 Neutral

Another day means another foundation to review and this one is gradually climbing to the top of my make up bag. The foundation I will be reviewing is the Clinique Stay Matte liquid foundation and its fast becoming my go to foundation each morning. I first bought this foundation when it first came out about 2 years ago and had heard it was going to replace the ‘Superfit’ foundation which was firm favourite with me and my friends. In fact this was my HG until I started wearing the Chanel Pro-Lumiere but again this was another one that was discontinued.

So I’ll start with the packaging which Iove. The foundation comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is a really nice change from the usual glass bottles this means it doesn’t weigh down my make up bag and you can control the amount of product perfectly without getting it every where. (Hurrah! Take note MAC!)

I have this foundation in 2 shades the lightest one being 9-Neutral which is perfect for winter and also the shade 14-Vanilla for the summer months which is slightly more golden. In terms of shades they aren’t as yellow as some of MAC shades and the 2 shades I own are definitely a more neutral tone. I actually really like  neutral shades as I find sometimes MAC foundations can be too yellow or too warm and I end up  having to mix them. I would recommend getting matched up at the Clinique counter or using to help find your shade-I will pop the link to Findation below.

The consistency of this foundation is very much like the MAC Studio Sculpt which for those of you that don’t know is a gel based foundation- so its not as runny as your average liquid foundation. I have applied this foundation many ways but again find  that the most effective is with a damp Beauty Blender. This foundation is sheer to medium coverage and using the Beauty Blender I am able to get a more medium coverage and can build this up really easily.

I have been using this foundation for the past week and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again! It feels creamy to apply and comfortable on my skin and provides enough coverage to cover my blemishes as well as being flawless. Don’t be afraid of the matte in the name this foundation is by no means heavy or powdery.

Stay Matte is still a foundation I would definitely recommend for oily skin if teamed with the right products. I will be posting a blog soon on how to get the most out of your foundation.

Over all I’m really happy with this foundation and could well be on the way to earning HG status. I think it’s a really good all-rounder and would  also recommend this for someone with normal/dry skin again if teamed with the right products to suit your skin type.

Have you tried the Stay Matte… What did you think?


IMG_4224 Wearing Shade 9 Neutral


Estee Lauder Double Wear… An Oily Girls Dream?

L-R Dawn, Ivory Beige,Fresco

Dawn, Ivory Beige,Fresco

Estee Lauder Double Wear is the daddy of long wearing foundations & it covers everything I mean everything. Even on bad skin days I can safely trust that double wear will do me proud! This foundation has pro’s and con’s and you can ready about them here!

Firstly lets talk about the shade range,Double Wear has a huge shade range that will cater for most skin tones but they do work slightly differently to the Mac NC/NW shades. I have this foundation in 3 shades Ivory Beige (3N1)is the darkest shade that I own and the The N stands for neutral which is a peachy warm tone. I would say this is the most warm of the 3 and works perfectly for me in the summer or on tanned days.

The second shade I have  is Dawn (2W1) this is a more yellow tone and I would say this is the closest to Mac NC shades. The third shade I have is Fresco (2C3) and this is more pink toned. This shade can look quite ashy on me as my natural skin tone definitely leans more towards the neutral/yellow tones. I have posted a link below of a brilliant website that I use called Findation which allows you to put in your shades in one brand of foundation and gives you an alternatives in other brands you may want to try.

So how does this foundation measure up?

On application this foundation is quite a runny liquid which does come out of the bottle really quickly as there is no pump- However be warned this stuff dries fast! For me there is only one way to apply Double Wear and that would be with a damp beauty blender this allows you a little more time to apply. If applied with a brush I find the foundation is really stiff and its almost impossible to layer without becoming cakey. If you really do want to use a brush go for something like a stippling brush for a lighter finish. Once applied this foundation is certainly medium to full coverage.

Double wear claims to give 15 hours of staying power which we all no for an oily girl is a distant dream. This foundation does last all day for me at work in a hot stuffy office but not without the help of my Mac Blot Powder!

This foundation is almost HG for me in terms of staying power and coverage and is my go to foundation for every day but there is one major set back,this foundation gives a terrible white cast in photos. I have posted some pictures above so you can see the effects under flash photography.

If you want to wear this foundation on a night out be sure to stay away from the flash! However if you are looking for a long wearing, oil controlling foundation for every day use Double Wear is the one! Its also Non Condemic & Non Acnegnic which means its safe for troublesome skin and work clog your pores.


Dw 3N1 Mac Studio Fix Powder Nc40 Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer Nc20 Mac Fleur Power Blush Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake  Mac Soft & Gentle Highligter Mac Hue Lipstick Revlon Color Burst Gloss Bellini

Dw 3N1
Mac Studio Fix Powder Nc40
Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer Nc20
Mac Fleur Power Blush
Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake
Mac Soft & Gentle Highligter
Mac Hue Lipstick
Revlon Color Burst Gloss Bellini

White Cast