Everyday Essentials

I don’t know about you but I am massively struggling to get up in the mornings at the moment due to the fact that it’s so dark it still feels like the middle of the night. My alarm gets snoozed a minimum of 3 times which means I am left with very little time to get ready for work! It’s a well known fact that I love makeup however on days like this I reach for my daily essentials that I know will see me through my working day.

Quick every day makeup…What you will need!


  1. Long wearing foundation

Every girl should own a long wearing foundation! Being oily skinned means that a long wearing matte foundation will always be my first choice when it comes to a long day in the office. For a quick application and flawless finish I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

Best High End: Estee Lauder Double Wear

Best Budget- Revlon Colour Stay for oily skin


  1. Matte Bronzer

Contouring doesn’t have to be technical or take hours; I use a matte bronzer to define my cheek bones and lightly dust over my forehead to give a bronzed finish.

Best High End: MAC Give Me Sun Mineralise Skin Finish

Best Budget: W7 Honolulu Bronzer


  1. A Shimmer Blush

A shimmer blush will brighten up any look especially when you’re keeping your makeup simple, a natural peachy tone would be my go to for every day makeup which will compliment your contour perfectly.

Best High End: MAC Style Sheer tone Blush

Best Budget: Sleek Rose Gold Blush


  1. Mascara

I like to keep my eyes natural for work meaning no eye shadow just a quick curl of my lashes and a good few layers of mascara.

Best High End: Lancôme Hypnose Drama

Best Budget: Maybelline The Falsies


  1. Lipstick

A berry coloured shade is my first choice for everyday, just enough colour to accentuate my natural lip colour.

Best High End-MAC Lovelorn

Maybelline-Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink


  1. Setting powder

To finish off the look I use a powder, my first choice is MAC Studio Fix Powder which is actually a powder foundation but I find this suits my oily skin perfectly. I haven’t yet found a worthy budget alternative so any suggestions are welcome!


Every day

Everryday Make Up


Monday Morning Makeup



Simple Monday Morning Makeup

Monday has arrived again and whilst the sun may be shining it still doesn’t change the fact that its Monday! We all go to bed on Sunday with the best intentions of starting a fresh  when we all know that when monday comes your gonna hit that snooze button and squeeze every last bit out the weekend. Which is usually followed by a mad dash to leave the house to get to work on time. Sound familar?

Being a girl this means that despite the Monday morning rush I still like to go into work looking presentable and not looking like i’ve just rocked up out of bed.

Here are my favourite products to beat the Monday morning blues and still make it into work on time.


Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream (Intensity 2)

I love the creamy consistency of this, the coverage is sheer to medium and really brightens up my skin hiding the weekends sins! I apply this with a real techniques buffing brush which gives a quick flawless application.

Mac Pro-longwear Concealer

My go to concealer for every day- It does what is says on the tin!

Studio Fix Powder

Perfect for adding extra coverage and setting the BB cream especially if you do have oily/combination skin.

Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake

I love this bronzer for both contouring and an all over glow. The matte finish makes it perfect for contouring  and i’m surprised there is not more rave reviews on this product. You can pick up Diego Dalla Palma products from M&S beauty halls.

Mac Blush (Harmony)

A lot of people use this to contour but I find the its too light for contouring on my skin. This blusher is subtle but perfect for adding a hint of colour and a natural bronzed look.

Eyes & Brows

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Combined with my Mac lash curler this mascara makes my lashes pop and my eyes look bigger and more awake.

Mac Brow Gel-Show off

I adore this gel! Its perfect for on the go and keeps my brows in tact all day without making them look stiff or clumpy unlike some of the other brow gels on the market. This product is massivley under rated in my opinion its one of my HG products.


Mac Creme De La Femme Lipstick

Lipstick can change your whole look! I love this berry coloured lipstick to brighten up my make up without being too over the top for work!

Mac Electro Lush Lipglass

This is the perfect match for my lipstick. A swipe of this and we’re good to go.

IMG_4196 IMG_4189


Happy Monday Everyone


Panic Proof Makeup…


There’s not many foundations that actually really live up to their claims of being long wearing, sweat proof and all that jazz! However there are a few hero products that really do last all day and aren’t making a swift exit from your face by 11am! The first of these being Estee Lauder Double Wear which I have reviewed previously and the second being Mac’s Pro-Longewear Foundation. So naturally when I had an interview on Monday (massive panic mode) I was going to reach for one of these beauty’s!

I chose to use my Mac Pro-Longwear foundation which I wear in the shade NC35. I probably am more towards shade NC30 at the moment but I can still get away with NC35 when blended in. The shades in the Pro-long wear are most definitely not as yellow toned as the Studio Fix Fluid and it also has a pump unlike the Studio Fix Fluid.

To apply this I use either a Mac 187 stippling brush for a lighter airbrushed finish or a beauty blender. If you are wanting to build up or layer this foundation I would definitely recommend using a beauty blender rather than a brush as dry’s pretty quickly and can set into lines and pores too much is applied.

I have read reviews in the past where by people have said that this foundation ages them- I can certainly relate to this and would agree that if you use too much product or its not applied with care this may happen. I have also noticed that this foundation can be quite sticky if you use too much.

Having said this it is a beautiful flawless foundation if applied correctly and really does last all day. I have tried and tested this all day long and dancing all night at a Beyoncé concert and I find that if I am slightly shiny by the end of the day its more dewy than oily.

Pro-Long VS Double Wear

Double Wear
Medium/Full Coverage
Brilliant shade range (More neutral shades than MAC)
Non Acnegenic
Slightly longer wearing than PL Wear

Medium Coverage
No flashback in photos (DW doesn’t photograph well)

Over all I would say Double Wear takes the crown for long wearing foundation but if your looking for an alternative with a lighter coverage that’s photo friendly Pro-Longwear is another great option for us oily girls!


Pro-Longwear NC35


All wearing Pro-Longwear NC35

Love Zoe


Estee Lauder Double Wear… An Oily Girls Dream?

L-R Dawn, Ivory Beige,Fresco

Dawn, Ivory Beige,Fresco

Estee Lauder Double Wear is the daddy of long wearing foundations & it covers everything I mean everything. Even on bad skin days I can safely trust that double wear will do me proud! This foundation has pro’s and con’s and you can ready about them here!

Firstly lets talk about the shade range,Double Wear has a huge shade range that will cater for most skin tones but they do work slightly differently to the Mac NC/NW shades. I have this foundation in 3 shades Ivory Beige (3N1)is the darkest shade that I own and the The N stands for neutral which is a peachy warm tone. I would say this is the most warm of the 3 and works perfectly for me in the summer or on tanned days.

The second shade I have  is Dawn (2W1) this is a more yellow tone and I would say this is the closest to Mac NC shades. The third shade I have is Fresco (2C3) and this is more pink toned. This shade can look quite ashy on me as my natural skin tone definitely leans more towards the neutral/yellow tones. I have posted a link below of a brilliant website that I use called Findation which allows you to put in your shades in one brand of foundation and gives you an alternatives in other brands you may want to try.


So how does this foundation measure up?

On application this foundation is quite a runny liquid which does come out of the bottle really quickly as there is no pump- However be warned this stuff dries fast! For me there is only one way to apply Double Wear and that would be with a damp beauty blender this allows you a little more time to apply. If applied with a brush I find the foundation is really stiff and its almost impossible to layer without becoming cakey. If you really do want to use a brush go for something like a stippling brush for a lighter finish. Once applied this foundation is certainly medium to full coverage.

Double wear claims to give 15 hours of staying power which we all no for an oily girl is a distant dream. This foundation does last all day for me at work in a hot stuffy office but not without the help of my Mac Blot Powder!

This foundation is almost HG for me in terms of staying power and coverage and is my go to foundation for every day but there is one major set back,this foundation gives a terrible white cast in photos. I have posted some pictures above so you can see the effects under flash photography.

If you want to wear this foundation on a night out be sure to stay away from the flash! However if you are looking for a long wearing, oil controlling foundation for every day use Double Wear is the one! Its also Non Condemic & Non Acnegnic which means its safe for troublesome skin and work clog your pores.


Dw 3N1 Mac Studio Fix Powder Nc40 Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer Nc20 Mac Fleur Power Blush Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake  Mac Soft & Gentle Highligter Mac Hue Lipstick Revlon Color Burst Gloss Bellini

Dw 3N1
Mac Studio Fix Powder Nc40
Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer Nc20
Mac Fleur Power Blush
Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake
Mac Soft & Gentle Highligter
Mac Hue Lipstick
Revlon Color Burst Gloss Bellini

White Cast