Living with Adult Acne

Hi Lovelies,

As some of you may know my blog was selected to feature  in last weeks New Magazine in an article about adult acne. This was not only really exciting for me but also an oppurtunity to share my experience and show people that they do not have to put up with Adult Acne and that there is something can be done. For those of you that didn’t get to read it I have copied the link below, I have to say massive a huge thank you to the Pharmacy2u team who have not only prescribed me with medication to finally control my acne but also allowing me to get my story out there and hopefully show people they are not alone.



My Skin Story Continued…


For those of you that follow my blog regularly you will be aware my skin struggles. It’s been about 5 weeks since my previous post and I promised I would keep you all updated on my progress so here I am.

Firstly I would just like to say thank you for all the kind messages and comments it was quite hard for me to open up about such a sensitive issue but I had such a fantastic response. If you didn’t catch the first part of my story you can read it here:

I can’t believe I am actually saying this but I believe finally I am starting to make progress! It’s been a very long road but I’m finally starting to see results. Cue smiley face! 😊

To recap in my last post I had just started to use Skinoren Azelaic Acid along with Erythromycin oral antibiotics. Since then I have been put on repeat prescription for the Erythromycin and am taking 1 tablet twice a day and I apply the Skinoren cream morning and night.

At first I didn’t think much to this and it’s very very slow progress however I would say that this has helped with inflamed acne. I don’t get as many big spots as I used to but my main concern was the congestion underneath my skin and I really don’t think it’s works for that.It also gives me ridiculous hunger pangs all the time which is really annoying!

Skinoren Azelaic Acid 20%

So this stuff works but it’s not a quick fix! Again it’s a very slow process but you can see from my photo it did reduce the congestion under my skin. Not completely but I think over time the effectiveness will increase. Which is really not what you want to hear when you have bad skin you just want it gone!

MD Formulations Anti Blemish Solutions Kit

This stuff trumps both of the above! I’ve been using this set for about a week and I literally feel like my spots are melting away. My pores are tighter, my skin is less oily and the texture of my skin has improved massively.

The kit consists of a facial gel wash,a toning lotion, clearing gel, moisturiser, eye cream and sun protector and it works wonders. I was highly recommended these products by a friend and was able to purchase online from I am so impressed with the results even after a weeks use and will be posting a full review of the set in the coming weeks.


Right to left- Before Treatment, Using Erythromycin, Erythromycin & Skinoren, above combined with MD Formulations Anti Blemish Kit

It seems like things may be looking up for my skin and I’m hoping it stays that way! I will keep you updated with my progress and hope that this post helps anyone else that may suffer with problem skin.



Billie Faiers Inspired Makeup


The second look I have created today and is inspired by Billie Faiers from TOWIE who always has flawless glowing skin.For those of you that haven’t heard of Billie I have posted a picture above. The girls in TOWIE always have flawless make up its all about the glamour, glowing skin and lots of tan! I have used the same foundation used by both Billie & Sam Faiers to achieve this look.

To start I prepped my face with Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer I then dampened my beauty blender and applied a pea size amount of Laura Mercier Silk Crème foundation to the back of my hand. This foundation is a crème based foundation and its really thick so a little goes a long way. Laura Mercier recommends shaking the bottle before use and using a damp sponge to apply. I wouldn’t recommend using anything other than the beauty blender to apply this foundation otherwise you tend to find it just smears and moves around your face. If applied with a beauty blender this will give a full coverage flawless satin finish. I used the shade cashew beige which I would say compares to NC40.

Laura Mercier Silk Crème claims to be a flawless light diffusing, wrinkle vanishing, long wearing base. This foundation really is flawless  but oily girls need to be realistic-This is a luminous crème foundation so you are going to need to set with powder such as Mac Studio Fix and blot throughout the day. Its another one of those I keep to one side for nights out rather than a go to for every day.

As you can see Billies under eye area is heavily highlighted so I used Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Peach and a few drops of Mac lustre drops on the cheek bones. You most definitely need to apply a concealer with this foundation as it does crease in the under eye area.  For brows again I used Mac Spiked & the Mac Brow Gel in Show off which is my everyday brow kit.

On the eyes I went for Mac Scene shadow as a base and used  Collection black gel liner and also running =this along the lash line and smudging with a black shadow from the Sleek Storm palette. I then added a flick into the corners of the eye and applied Rimmel black kohl liner in the waterline. To finish I used Urban Decay half baked in the corners to highlight and applied Chanel Le Volume Mascara to my lashes. Of an evening I would also add some false lashes to really glam this up.

I used my favourite bronzer Mac Give Me Sun and as this is a heavily bronzed look rather than using my usual angled brush to apply I used Bobbi Browns blush brush to get a more all over glow. On the cheeks I used Clinique’s Precious Posy blush which is a deep coral which shimmering particles and really makes the cheeks pop. I highlighted with Mac Soft & Gentle which is another product that Billie herself uses.

I applied a Mac lipstick in the shade Dressmaker Dressmaker which is a lovely soft peach shade and a slick of W7 Peach Lights Gloss to finish.


 If anyone has any suggestions of any other looks they would like to see then please do let me know.



My Hair Heroes


As well as being blessed with oily skin I’ve also been awarded with very fine flat hair! (Boo!) Its not all bad though as I am lucky enough to have really shiny soft hair even when I don’t treat it as well as I should, It just means I need a helping hand in the volume department if I don’t want my hair to be completely flat to my head.

Being an ex hairdresser means I have sampled a lot of products on the market ranging from professional to some of the more reasonable drugstore products. Whilst I do agree that some of the products with a smaller price tag aren’t as good as professional products I’ve definitely found some gems and I certainly don’t buy in to all the hairdressing jargon that even I used to feed people!

I’m very particular with my hair and as most of you know I’m never without my Balmain extensions so its important for me to keep my hair in top condition and free from damage. I have put together a selection of  of my favourite hair products ranging from high end to some real bargains!

My Favourite Hair Products

Best Luxury Mask-Kerastase Masquintense (Fine Hair) From £18.68 (Online)


I was working in a salon from the age of 14-19 and was surrounded by Kerastase so naturally they are going to be amongst some of my favourite products. The only problem is the price tag is pretty hefty for the amount of product you get.This one however is my favourite hair mask and is well worth the splurge. What I like about this is that its a mask tailored for fine hair (They do a thick one too!) so it doesn’t weigh the hair down but still makes the hair feel nourished,super soft and silky-It also smells amazing! I like to apply this a couple of times a week and leave on for a good 15 minutes. It works great on extensions too!

Best Inexpensive Shampoo & Conditioner- Aussie  (Currently 3 for £10 in Boots)


Wow what can I say about this! I picked up the Ausome volume and Miracle Shine conditioner from Sainsbury’s last week because I was desperate for some shampoo & conditioner. I didn’t expect to love this as much as I do it was only meant to tired me over until I had time to order some of my then favourite Loreal Mythic Oil. I can honestly say my hair feels better using these two beauty’s than any professional product I have used in a long time. Soft,shiny,tangle free=Amazing!!

Best Blow Dry Cream-Kerastase Chroma Thermique from £13.92

Chroma Thermique

The first thing you notice about this  is the smell! Its unreal!  In fact after using this I quite often get asked what perfume I’m wearing. This is applied to damp hair and helps to protect the hair from heat damage and create a smoother blow dry. Love this!

Best Serum-Carino Miracle Oil £3.99

miracle oil

This little gem is from Aldi (Yes Aldi!) and is a dupe of the Morrocan Oil just with a much much lower price tag.I add a few drops to conditioner to create a treatment, on damp hair before blow drying or to smooth out curls or split ends on dry hair. Pretty good considering its only £3.99!

Best Inexpensive Styling Range-V05 (Currently 2 for £5 in Boots)


I just love the V05 styling range especially the Plump It Up and Give Me Texture products. I have tried quite a lot of products in this range my favourites being the dry backcombing spray which you spray on to dry hair to add extra volume, the Blow Dry Lotion and the Instant Oomph powder which gives any professional styling powder a run for its money. All of these products are relatively reasonably priced and currently on offer in Boots but the best thing is the trendy pink packaging makes them look really expensive on your dresser. I can’t wait to try some more in the range!

Best For Extensions- Balmain Conditioner £13.95


This makes extensions look and feel like a dream! On application it feels really light but when rinsed  my extensions feel deeply nourished and brand new. I have used this on both individual bonds and weft extensions and it works equally as amazing on both.

Best Inexpensive Hairspray- Schwarzkopt Got2b Big Volume Hairspray £3.00 Boots


I like this spray because if sprayed in short bursts it doubles up as a volumiser, it smells great and holds the hair in place giving a nice sheen to the hair.

Best Home Colour-Schwarzkopt Live Colour XXL £5,99


So I’m not usually one for home colours but found I was spending so much money getting my hair done in the salon only to find that it didn’t last and being an ex-hairdresser I knew how to apply colour on myself so it seemed silly to pay someone. I read about these colours in Look Magazine and they had such good reviews I thought I would try it myself. I use the shade Tempting Chocolate which is a gorgeous warm dark brown and it has lasted longer than any salon colour I have had done in a while. Being naturally light my hair sometimes doesn’t hold colour as well as I hoped and I get a few golden undertones start to poke through but this colour has provided complete coverage, rich colour and long lasting shine. I’m now on my second box and will continue to choose this over a salon colour.

Best Hair Tool- The Tangle Teezer £10.99

tanngle teezer

I couldnt live without my tangle teezer. For those of you that still yank your hair with a brush or comb you have to invest in one of these. I take this into the shower with me to comb through whilst my conditoner is on and also afterwards. It really does what is says on the tin removing tangles and ensuring there is no breakage to your hair.

What are your hair heroes?


Clinique Stay Matte Foundation Review


Top- 14 Vanilla Bottom-9 Neutral

Another day means another foundation to review and this one is gradually climbing to the top of my make up bag. The foundation I will be reviewing is the Clinique Stay Matte liquid foundation and its fast becoming my go to foundation each morning. I first bought this foundation when it first came out about 2 years ago and had heard it was going to replace the ‘Superfit’ foundation which was firm favourite with me and my friends. In fact this was my HG until I started wearing the Chanel Pro-Lumiere but again this was another one that was discontinued.

So I’ll start with the packaging which Iove. The foundation comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is a really nice change from the usual glass bottles this means it doesn’t weigh down my make up bag and you can control the amount of product perfectly without getting it every where. (Hurrah! Take note MAC!)

I have this foundation in 2 shades the lightest one being 9-Neutral which is perfect for winter and also the shade 14-Vanilla for the summer months which is slightly more golden. In terms of shades they aren’t as yellow as some of MAC shades and the 2 shades I own are definitely a more neutral tone. I actually really like  neutral shades as I find sometimes MAC foundations can be too yellow or too warm and I end up  having to mix them. I would recommend getting matched up at the Clinique counter or using to help find your shade-I will pop the link to Findation below.

The consistency of this foundation is very much like the MAC Studio Sculpt which for those of you that don’t know is a gel based foundation- so its not as runny as your average liquid foundation. I have applied this foundation many ways but again find  that the most effective is with a damp Beauty Blender. This foundation is sheer to medium coverage and using the Beauty Blender I am able to get a more medium coverage and can build this up really easily.

I have been using this foundation for the past week and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again! It feels creamy to apply and comfortable on my skin and provides enough coverage to cover my blemishes as well as being flawless. Don’t be afraid of the matte in the name this foundation is by no means heavy or powdery.

Stay Matte is still a foundation I would definitely recommend for oily skin if teamed with the right products. I will be posting a blog soon on how to get the most out of your foundation.

Over all I’m really happy with this foundation and could well be on the way to earning HG status. I think it’s a really good all-rounder and would  also recommend this for someone with normal/dry skin again if teamed with the right products to suit your skin type.

Have you tried the Stay Matte… What did you think?


IMG_4224 Wearing Shade 9 Neutral