I’m back…


A snapshot of my summer!


Autumn has officially arrived and with that the return of my blog! Its been a little while since my last post, I took a little ‘Me’ time over the summer to do grown up things like buying my own apartment and I also squeezed in a holiday!

Taking a break means I have so much to talk about so for my first post it only seems right to talk about some of the products I’ve been loving over the summer and into Autumn.

The first thing I have to mention is my skin,Its been a very long emotional journey but finally I can say have clear skin. It’s not perfect but what girl my age can say they never get a spot!  It’s hard to believe how bad my skin was when I look back at my previous blog posts. If there is anyone reading this that suffers with oily acne prone skin then I would highly recommend using MD Formulations skin care it has literally changed my life. I started off with the Anti-Blemish kit but now just use the products individually as my skin has improved so much.  I use the Facial Cleansing Gel every morning and night while showering, followed by the Glycare Lotion and use the Vit- a-Plus clearing complex if I have a spot emergency. I wasnt keen on the moisturiser that came in the pack,I found it way too drying even for my oily skin but the cleanser, lotion and clearing complex are a total winner and I urge anyone who is suffering with acne fed up with antibiotics to give these amazing products a try.

With summer behind us it only means one thing… Fake tan Thursdays are back! Strangely enough the tan I’m loving right now is one that last year I couldn’t stand! The tan in question is the Vita Liberta Extra Rich Tinted Self Tan lotion, its my go to tan every Thursday at the moment. The tan has a gel like texture and when applied feels virtually undetectable which is where I was going wrong last year- I was applying way too much. You really don’t need to use much to get a flawless,even natural looking tan. The tan claims to give optimum skin conditioning and a perfect fade which I am in total agreement with.This tan really is long-lasting and fades naturally like no other tan I have come across, I don’t feel the need to scrub it all off and start again after 5 days!

One thing I give up when the summer ends is my lash extensions, I think its important to give my lashes a break so am always on the hunt for a great mascara. My current favourite is the Lancome Hypnose Drama and I have to say this mascara is so good I am really enjoying having my lashes natural. The shape of the brush really allows me to coat every single lash and the deep black  shade  gives me really  the really dramatic thick lashes that I love!


Wearing Lancome Hypnose Drama








The Only Way Is… Laurens Way?

Laurens Way Glam Tan Review


Many celebrities have tried to make it in the tanning market and  TOWIE star Lauren Goodgers range named ‘Lauren Way’ seems to be one of the most popular on twitter so I thought it was only fair I gave it a go too. I’m quite a pro when it comes to tanning even declaring Thursday evenings as ‘Fake Tan Thursdays’. I have tried many different brands a long the way experiencing the dodgy hands, tangoed feet and dry elbows that come with some of them.

Lauren has quite a few product in the range but the one I chose to try was the new ‘Glam Tan’ which claims to be the closest thing to a professional spray tan in a bottle. I was feeling brave and chose the shade darker than dark.

Details from the Laurens Way Website:

THE NEW LW DARKER THAN DARK GLAM TAN is a long-lasting self-tan spray formula that can be used on both the face and body. The spray bottle allows for easy and even application, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a spray tan from the comfort of your own home.

THE DARKER THAN DARK formula provides a gorgeous, deeply bronzed colour in just one application and the colour guide allows you to see exactly where you are applying it.

LW DARKER THAN DARK GLAM TAN feels luxurious and velvety soft on the skin. It dries quickly so there’s no waiting around before going out. This colour is fabulous for olive skin tones and experienced tanners and a must have for every glamorous girl this season.

The Lowdown:

 I’m just going to put it out there! This stuff is amazing but should I really have expected anything less? After all Essex is the Capital of tanning. The application process was a dream just a few sprays on to the mitt and your good to go.What I loved about this was that there wasn’t too much product dispensed on the mitt. I sometimes find with a mousse or a lotion that there’s too much going on and I end up with too much product on my feet or ankles. I also really liked that it was easy to see where you had applied the tan and you could build up the colour really easily. It definitely lived up to its streak free formula.

When applied this tan does look pretty dark but there was none of the green tinge you sometimes see with some tanning products. When I woke up in the morning I was not disappointed-I even had perfectly tanned feet.


Right-Tan when applied
Left-Tan line in the morning

Its now Monday and my tan is still looking fresh and  it has faded really evenly.This morning I have exfoliated as recommended on the Laurens Way website and will be glowing all the way until this weeks ‘Fake Tan Thursday’

Way to go Laurens Way!



This week I will be trialling another TOWIE stars tan. I have been lucky enough to be sent some ‘Amazing Tan’ by Maria Fowler. You can catch the review early next week!