Maria Fowler Amazing Range Tan Review

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Wearing Amazing Tan

For those of you that read my blog last week you will know I posted a glowing review on Laurens Way Glam Tan. It is the best tan I have used to date so naturally anything else was going to have some stiff competition.

This week I am reviewing another Ex Towie lady’s range and I am very thankful to the staff at Amazing Tan for sending me a sample of Maria Fowlers Tanning Mousse. I had very high hopes for this after seeing some pictures of Maria on twitter looking gorgeous modelling the tan herself.

I was sent a sample of the mousse in the shade Americano’ which I believe is the darkest shade. I applied my tan with a mitt and I have to say the application process was great. The mousse was not to frothy and felt really smooth when applied and definitely lived up to its claims of being velvety smooth.The tan dried to a medium brown and I was left wondering if this was going to develop to a darker shade over night.

When I woke in the morning the tan had developed slightly but it was definitely not as dark as the Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan which was not necessarily a bad thing however it certainly wasn’t a Caribbean tan as claimed on the bottle. I did notice that I had some slightly patchy areas on my hands but that could have been down to my application and nothing that couldn’t be resolved with a bit of body scrub.

When I arrived at work that morning I had lots of positive comments about how natural my tan looked. I definitely think that this tan is something that would work with lighter skin tones also. So far so good!

Upon returning home on Friday evening I was due to go out and whilst getting changed into my skirt I noticed I had several streaks down the backs of my legs. I applied a little more tan to these areas to blend it in.

Unfortunately when I woke up on saturday morning the streaks had not subsided and I was left with very streaky patchy legs. The top half of my body seemed to be ok so it was nothing that I couldn’t cover up but I was really disappointed as I wanted to love this so much!

In terms of longevity this was a bit of a strange one… I found that I had some areas that the tan quickly disappeared from such as my armpits and elbows. I was left with really white patches under my armpits however at the same time I’ve had a pretty difficult job trying to remove this and had to exfoliate a lot leaving me pretty sore.


So was it amazing?

In a word No… However everyone deserves a second chance so I’m not completely writing this one off yet it just won’t be my first choice next time Fake Tan Thursday comes around!


Wearing Amazing Tan- Upper body looked great!



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