Contouring and highlighting for beginners


Highlighting & Contouring is hugely popular at the moment thanks to Kim Kardashian who is a pro at this technique. I would just like to say that I am not a Makeup Artist but I do have a few hints and tips along with some of my favourite products  which I use for creating the highlighted/contoured look.

I’ll start with contouring, for those of you that don’t know contouring in simple terms is basically creating a shadow,for example creating the illusion of higher cheekbones or slimming down the nose. As I have quite a round face I personally like to use contouring to sculpt my cheekbones and slim down the face.

Contour Kit

There are lots of products on the market for contouring but I find the best are matte bronzers-No sparkle allowed! My favourites would have to be Diego Dalla Palma Tanning Cake or Benefit Hoola Bronzer. My skin ranges from NC20-NC41 depending on the time of year and I find that these products are the perfect shade to create a shadow without being too dark or looking mucky. I also have the Chanel Soleil Tan cream bronzer which is also lovely and would work well with someone with a lighter skin tone.

I apply my bronzer after my foundation and before my powder I like to use and angled brush either the BK04 by Crown Brush or a Mac 168. If I’m using a cream bronzer such as the Chanel I would use the Real Techniques Contour Brush. To create a contoured look I suck in my cheeks so that I can see the hollow of my cheeks and gently build up a shadow pushing the product back into my hairline so that there is a visible line.

I then take my Bobbi Brown blush brush and gently blend away the line and also apply bronzer to any other areas that the sun may naturally hit such as the top of the forehead. I then apply my powder to set my foundation and also blend away any harsh lines.

Some people like to contour their nose to give the illusion of a slimmer nose, if you’re wanting to do this I would recommend taking a fluffy blending brush such as the MAC 217 and gently running the bronzer either side of the bridge of your nose.

Contour using Diego Dalla Palma Bronzer

Contour using Diego Dalla Palma Bronzer


Highlighting is used to lift and brighten the face, there are various different products you can use to highlight and my favourites consist of using concealer,a highlighting pen and also a powder highlighter. Kimmy K has this one nailed and looks absolutely flawless however her technique is quite time consuming and involves a lot of blending which I certainly don’t have time for in the mornings.

Kim K

Kimmy K- Queen of contouring

My Highlighting Routine

To highlight I first of all like to apply concealer on my under eye area I do this using either my ring finger and gently tap to blend or using a Mac 188 brush. My favourite products for my under eye area are Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Peach, Mac Pro-longwear Concealer (NC20) & Mac Mineralise Concealer (NW30) to name a few. I will do a post on my favourite concealers later this week. I then apply a highlighter on the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose,cupids bow and on the forehead fanned out as shown in my picture below. I like to use a highlighting pen such as Mac Prep +Prime Light Boost, Touche Éclat, Rimmel Wake Me Up (Soft Beige) or the Mac Lustre Drops which is a liquid highlighter and perfect for nights out. I blend all of this in with a real techniques buffing brush.


To finish off I apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks and Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish on the top of the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose.


I know I don’t look quite as good as Kimmy K but this is simple way to create the highlighted/contoured look perfect for beginners who are wanting to have a go at contouring.


Making The Most Of Your Foundation


I am a firm believer in making the most out of your foundation and have mentioned many times before on my blog about pairing your foundation with other products to improve the finish and longevity of your make up.

I have put together some tips and my favourite products that I find help improve the appearance of my makeup and help it stay put all day long.


For a very long time due to my oily skin I used to skip the moisturiser, I now understand that all though oily my skin still craves moisture and without it- It rebels! Whilst I’m not a fan of a heavy moisturiser I do find that a light moisturiser provides the perfect canvas for my makeup.

Dermalogica Active Moist- £24.50

This is my absolute favourite moisturiser in fact I’m not sure I will ever stray from this! When first applied Active Moist feels quite thick but it really sinks into the skin leaving the skin feeling super soft with no residue.

I purchase all of my Dermalogica skin care products from Beauty Flash you get a really good discount and they also provide you with free samples-

Clarins Hydra Matte Lotion- £26.00         

Another favourite of mine is the Clarins Hydra Matte lotion. This is a much thinner consistency than the Active moist and feels really light and refreshing on the skin. This a really nice product however despite the thinner consistency I would still say that the Active moist sinks in to the skin more and leaves me feeling matte for longer.


Primer is one of those things that I thought was pointless for years and it wasn’t until my skin started to get very oily a few years ago that I even considered using a primer. The first primer I ever used was the MAC Face Protect SP50 which at first I really loved but over time I found that my skin got used to this and it wasn’t so effective. I have used lots of different primers but the best one I have found to date is the Smashbox Photofinish Light.

Smashbox Photofinish Light- £25.00

I really wanted to try the Smashbox Photofinish Primer after hearing so many celebrities raving about it. Unfortunately due to my oily skin the original Photofinish was not suitable for my skin despite being oil free-However I have heard great things about this so definitely one to consider if your more on the normal/dry side!

The original formula is very much like a lot of primers out there which are a thick clear paste and leave a slippery silicone like feel on the skin where as the light version is white in colour and is more like a light cream. This makes my skin feel really soft without feeling slippery or irritated and gives a really smooth finish ready to layer my foundation on to.

MAC Cream Matifiante- £15.00

I also really like this product which is actually multi use so can be used for priming the eyelids as well as the face. This is nowhere near on the same scale as the Smashbox Photofinish for me however it is a lovely product that improves the texture of the skin prior to applying foundation and works really well as a base.


I like to set my foundation with powder every morning either for a bit of extra coverage or a light dusting just to seal my foundation.

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation- £21.50

This is actually a powder foundation that could be worn alone however this works perfectly for me over foundation and it’s my go to for when I need extra coverage. It really is fantastic and I love everything about this. It keeps me matte without looking powdery and provides a long lasting flawless finish.

Chanel Powder Universelle- £36.00

This is another powder that I love. If you prefer a loose powder to pressed then this one’s for you! It’s quite pricey but the luxurious finely milled powder gives a really flawless natural finish and helps make your foundation last all day.

Mac Blot Powder-£20.00

If you’ve got oily skin then this is match made in heaven. I literally could not live without this in my handbag. I use this for touch ups throughout the day and because there is no colour it means you can apply as many times as you want without it being cakey. Seriously if your oily skinned- Buy this now!

Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter-£19,59

This is not something I use all the time but in the summer I really like to use the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. I believe Urban Decay also do a setting spray for oily skin called De-slick however I have heard that the All Nighter is actually better. I apply this after I have finished my make up just a few sprays and you’re good to go! It feels really light and refreshing on my skin as well as keeping my makeup in place.



Clinique Stay Matte Foundation Review


Top- 14 Vanilla Bottom-9 Neutral

Another day means another foundation to review and this one is gradually climbing to the top of my make up bag. The foundation I will be reviewing is the Clinique Stay Matte liquid foundation and its fast becoming my go to foundation each morning. I first bought this foundation when it first came out about 2 years ago and had heard it was going to replace the ‘Superfit’ foundation which was firm favourite with me and my friends. In fact this was my HG until I started wearing the Chanel Pro-Lumiere but again this was another one that was discontinued.

So I’ll start with the packaging which Iove. The foundation comes in a plastic squeezy tube which is a really nice change from the usual glass bottles this means it doesn’t weigh down my make up bag and you can control the amount of product perfectly without getting it every where. (Hurrah! Take note MAC!)

I have this foundation in 2 shades the lightest one being 9-Neutral which is perfect for winter and also the shade 14-Vanilla for the summer months which is slightly more golden. In terms of shades they aren’t as yellow as some of MAC shades and the 2 shades I own are definitely a more neutral tone. I actually really like  neutral shades as I find sometimes MAC foundations can be too yellow or too warm and I end up  having to mix them. I would recommend getting matched up at the Clinique counter or using to help find your shade-I will pop the link to Findation below.

The consistency of this foundation is very much like the MAC Studio Sculpt which for those of you that don’t know is a gel based foundation- so its not as runny as your average liquid foundation. I have applied this foundation many ways but again find  that the most effective is with a damp Beauty Blender. This foundation is sheer to medium coverage and using the Beauty Blender I am able to get a more medium coverage and can build this up really easily.

I have been using this foundation for the past week and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again! It feels creamy to apply and comfortable on my skin and provides enough coverage to cover my blemishes as well as being flawless. Don’t be afraid of the matte in the name this foundation is by no means heavy or powdery.

Stay Matte is still a foundation I would definitely recommend for oily skin if teamed with the right products. I will be posting a blog soon on how to get the most out of your foundation.

Over all I’m really happy with this foundation and could well be on the way to earning HG status. I think it’s a really good all-rounder and would  also recommend this for someone with normal/dry skin again if teamed with the right products to suit your skin type.

Have you tried the Stay Matte… What did you think?


IMG_4224 Wearing Shade 9 Neutral


Maria Fowler Amazing Range Tan Review

IMG_4086 (2)

Wearing Amazing Tan

For those of you that read my blog last week you will know I posted a glowing review on Laurens Way Glam Tan. It is the best tan I have used to date so naturally anything else was going to have some stiff competition.

This week I am reviewing another Ex Towie lady’s range and I am very thankful to the staff at Amazing Tan for sending me a sample of Maria Fowlers Tanning Mousse. I had very high hopes for this after seeing some pictures of Maria on twitter looking gorgeous modelling the tan herself.

I was sent a sample of the mousse in the shade Americano’ which I believe is the darkest shade. I applied my tan with a mitt and I have to say the application process was great. The mousse was not to frothy and felt really smooth when applied and definitely lived up to its claims of being velvety smooth.The tan dried to a medium brown and I was left wondering if this was going to develop to a darker shade over night.

When I woke in the morning the tan had developed slightly but it was definitely not as dark as the Laurens Way Darker Than Dark Glam Tan which was not necessarily a bad thing however it certainly wasn’t a Caribbean tan as claimed on the bottle. I did notice that I had some slightly patchy areas on my hands but that could have been down to my application and nothing that couldn’t be resolved with a bit of body scrub.

When I arrived at work that morning I had lots of positive comments about how natural my tan looked. I definitely think that this tan is something that would work with lighter skin tones also. So far so good!

Upon returning home on Friday evening I was due to go out and whilst getting changed into my skirt I noticed I had several streaks down the backs of my legs. I applied a little more tan to these areas to blend it in.

Unfortunately when I woke up on saturday morning the streaks had not subsided and I was left with very streaky patchy legs. The top half of my body seemed to be ok so it was nothing that I couldn’t cover up but I was really disappointed as I wanted to love this so much!

In terms of longevity this was a bit of a strange one… I found that I had some areas that the tan quickly disappeared from such as my armpits and elbows. I was left with really white patches under my armpits however at the same time I’ve had a pretty difficult job trying to remove this and had to exfoliate a lot leaving me pretty sore.


So was it amazing?

In a word No… However everyone deserves a second chance so I’m not completely writing this one off yet it just won’t be my first choice next time Fake Tan Thursday comes around!


Wearing Amazing Tan- Upper body looked great!


Monday Morning Makeup



Simple Monday Morning Makeup

Monday has arrived again and whilst the sun may be shining it still doesn’t change the fact that its Monday! We all go to bed on Sunday with the best intentions of starting a fresh  when we all know that when monday comes your gonna hit that snooze button and squeeze every last bit out the weekend. Which is usually followed by a mad dash to leave the house to get to work on time. Sound familar?

Being a girl this means that despite the Monday morning rush I still like to go into work looking presentable and not looking like i’ve just rocked up out of bed.

Here are my favourite products to beat the Monday morning blues and still make it into work on time.


Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream (Intensity 2)

I love the creamy consistency of this, the coverage is sheer to medium and really brightens up my skin hiding the weekends sins! I apply this with a real techniques buffing brush which gives a quick flawless application.

Mac Pro-longwear Concealer

My go to concealer for every day- It does what is says on the tin!

Studio Fix Powder

Perfect for adding extra coverage and setting the BB cream especially if you do have oily/combination skin.

Diego Dalla Palma Special Tanning Cake

I love this bronzer for both contouring and an all over glow. The matte finish makes it perfect for contouring  and i’m surprised there is not more rave reviews on this product. You can pick up Diego Dalla Palma products from M&S beauty halls.

Mac Blush (Harmony)

A lot of people use this to contour but I find the its too light for contouring on my skin. This blusher is subtle but perfect for adding a hint of colour and a natural bronzed look.

Eyes & Brows

Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Combined with my Mac lash curler this mascara makes my lashes pop and my eyes look bigger and more awake.

Mac Brow Gel-Show off

I adore this gel! Its perfect for on the go and keeps my brows in tact all day without making them look stiff or clumpy unlike some of the other brow gels on the market. This product is massivley under rated in my opinion its one of my HG products.


Mac Creme De La Femme Lipstick

Lipstick can change your whole look! I love this berry coloured lipstick to brighten up my make up without being too over the top for work!

Mac Electro Lush Lipglass

This is the perfect match for my lipstick. A swipe of this and we’re good to go.

IMG_4196 IMG_4189


Happy Monday Everyone


Perfection In A Bottle?

 Chanel Pefection Lumiere Review


 Its well noted on my blog that Chanel Pro-Lumiere used to be my HG foundation and I’ve been wanting to give Perfection Lumiere another chance for a while so whilst in John Lewis last weekend I picked up a bottle in the shade 40 which used to be a perfect match in the Pro-Lumiere.

 I love how classy Chanel makeup looks on my dresser and the Perfection Lumiere is no different.This foundation comes in a sleek frosted glass bottle with a pump which I love. I applied the foundation with my real techniques buffing brush after I had applied my Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer.

On application this foundation feels really silky almost like talcum powder which for some reason instantly makes me want to take it off it also has a really strong floral fragrance. Once applied  my face felt really soft  but I felt like the foundation was going to slide off- Having said that the colour match was brilliant and I did really like the finish.

I have used this foundation now on 3 occasions and each time it has oxidised getting darker throughout the day as well as making my face feel quite greasy.

Chanel claims that this foundation is long wear flawless fluid make up paying £36 for a foundation you expect it to live up to its claims. This foundation does provide a flawless finish but its certainly not as long wearing as it claims. A pro about this foundation is that it does photograph beautifully in flash photography unlike some other foundations.

This foundation may work on better on someone with more normal skin but its certainly not one I’ll be reaching for on a night out without fear of turning into an oily mess.

Do I like this foundation… YES!  Is it perfection… No!





Full list of products used:


Smashbox Photofinish primer light

Chanel Perfection Lumiere (40)

Diego Dalla Palma Bronzer

Mac Studio Fix Powder NC42

W7 Daddys Girl Blush

Mac Soft & Gentle Highlighter


Mac Eye Shadow-Scene

Barry M Dazzle Dust-25

Loreal Superliner

Rimmel Black eyeliner (In water line)

Chanel Le Volume Mascara


Mac Brow Gel-Show off


 Boots 17 Lipstick Hot Chilli

Panic Proof Makeup…


There’s not many foundations that actually really live up to their claims of being long wearing, sweat proof and all that jazz! However there are a few hero products that really do last all day and aren’t making a swift exit from your face by 11am! The first of these being Estee Lauder Double Wear which I have reviewed previously and the second being Mac’s Pro-Longewear Foundation. So naturally when I had an interview on Monday (massive panic mode) I was going to reach for one of these beauty’s!

I chose to use my Mac Pro-Longwear foundation which I wear in the shade NC35. I probably am more towards shade NC30 at the moment but I can still get away with NC35 when blended in. The shades in the Pro-long wear are most definitely not as yellow toned as the Studio Fix Fluid and it also has a pump unlike the Studio Fix Fluid.

To apply this I use either a Mac 187 stippling brush for a lighter airbrushed finish or a beauty blender. If you are wanting to build up or layer this foundation I would definitely recommend using a beauty blender rather than a brush as dry’s pretty quickly and can set into lines and pores too much is applied.

I have read reviews in the past where by people have said that this foundation ages them- I can certainly relate to this and would agree that if you use too much product or its not applied with care this may happen. I have also noticed that this foundation can be quite sticky if you use too much.

Having said this it is a beautiful flawless foundation if applied correctly and really does last all day. I have tried and tested this all day long and dancing all night at a Beyoncé concert and I find that if I am slightly shiny by the end of the day its more dewy than oily.

Pro-Long VS Double Wear

Double Wear
Medium/Full Coverage
Brilliant shade range (More neutral shades than MAC)
Non Acnegenic
Slightly longer wearing than PL Wear

Medium Coverage
No flashback in photos (DW doesn’t photograph well)

Over all I would say Double Wear takes the crown for long wearing foundation but if your looking for an alternative with a lighter coverage that’s photo friendly Pro-Longwear is another great option for us oily girls!


Pro-Longwear NC35


All wearing Pro-Longwear NC35

Love Zoe